All of the 2017 IPOs

Our 2017 IPO Index, which details every company that IPO’d in 2017, is now live! Filter by industry, date, offer price, amount raised, or market cap. Explore the list or hover any company on the graph to see key metrics related to their IPO:

Accompany 2017 IPO Index

Some notes on 2017:

  • The majority of 2017 IPOs (41 out of 147 or 27.9%) were health care companies.
  • In comparison, finance companies represented 17.7% of IPOs in 2017, while tech companies accounted for just 15.6%.
  • November was the busiest month for the IPO market with a total of 24 companies going public.
  • The busiest day for IPOs was in April, with six companies IPO’ing on April 28th.
  • As of January 2, 2018, 66% of 2017 IPOs were trading above their offering price.
  • The companies that IPO’d in 2017 have a combined market cap of $229.3 billion.
  • Only 68 of 147 companies IPO’d on the NYSE, but those companies accounted for 76.8% of capital raised in 2017.
  • The highest offering price for the year was Metropolitan Bank Holding at $35.
  • The lowest offering price for the year was TDH Holdings at $4.25.

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