What Accompany Alpha Users Are Saying About the App

Over the last couple of years, we’ve kept our heads down and tried to put 100% of our efforts into making Accompany a great experience. Of course, we want the app to be perfect before people use it, but we also know that alpha and beta testing is an integral part of the development process. We’ve spent the last few years building the data platform and refining the Accompany alpha experience with the help of some very patient folks.

We understood from the beginning that to build an app that’s truly useful, we’d have to involve a savvy group of power users who’d give us a kick in the arse when we needed it. From Lorrie Norrington and Godfrey Sullivan to Ellen Levy and Aileen Lee the Accompany alpha list sometimes leaves us a bit starstruck. Without our early-adopters, the road to launch would be much longer, and a lot bumpier. With each group of new users we add to the app, they’re helping us hone and shape the product. Check out what some of our alpha users are saying about Accompany!