Meeting prep, delegated.

“When I’m meeting someone new, I want to feel prepared but there just isn’t enough time to research everyone in my calendar. With Accompany, everyone’s face is right next to the address. One tap and I can get up to speed in two minutes.”

Casey Carl, Chief Strategy Officer, Target

So busy in back-to-back meetings you literally don't even have time to use the bathroom? We get it. Let us help you get up to speed fast with everything you need on the person waiting for you in that conference room.

Get up to speed in one tap.

Tap any face or logo in your calendar for a comprehensive profile on any person or organization. From board seats, prior roles, and alma maters, to quarterly financials, news coverage, and key executives, Accompany serves it right to you when you need it most.

Let us handle the logistics.

No more digging through emails for a conference code, address, or phone number. Accompany has one-touch conference dial-in and navigation. You can even send an, “I’m running late!” text in one tap.