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When you walk into a meeting, knowing the person on the other side of the table is only half the battle. You need to know their company too, and this is where you’re more likely to be caught flat-footed. It’s not that hard to remember a name or a face (okay, sometimes it is that hard), but keeping up with a company’s financials, the state of their industry, and how current affairs will impact their business is no small feat.

With our Company News you’ll receive a daily email with the top headlines for the companies you care about. You can also view a constantly updated stream of headlines on our web app under Company News.

It’s easy to stay in the know—from any company’s profile, set their importance to “Follow in News” to see them in the web app’s Company News feed, or bump them to “Watchlist” to receive daily emails and notifications, ensuring you’ll never miss a big announcement or a quiet acquisition.

You can Watchlist companies the same way you Watchlist your favorite contacts. Within the Me tab on the mobile app, tap Watchlist, then tap the company icon in the upper right corner to view your Watchlisted companies and see suggestions for other companies you might want to add to your list. If a company becomes less important to you for whatever reason, you can always remove them from your Watchlist or set their news to ‘Mute’ if you’re no longer interested in seeing them in your feed.

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Accompany creates AI-driven products for finding new prospects and strengthening your relationships, built on the largest database of senior decision makers in the world. Founded in 2013, Accompany is headquartered in Los Altos and backed by CRV, ICONIQ Capital, Ignition Partners and Cowboy Ventures.