Mighty Midas: 30% of This Year’s List Are Seven Time Champs

Mightiest of the Midas

Each year, Forbes publishes a list of the top dealmakers in venture capital. What you might not realize is just how similar this year is from one year to the next, or that there are definite trends among those who make the list year after year.

The Midas 100 selection process involves a number of factors. First, Forbes pulls in M&A and IPO data from companies across China, Europe, India, Israel, and the United States, but it also accepts submissions of VC firms. In addition to these data points, Forbes and TrueBridge also draw from their own “additional data sources” to help determine the list. The 2017 Midas 100 was released by Forbes week in collaboration with TrueBridge Capital Partners and, as in past years, there’s a certain element of deja vu.

A whopping 30% of this year’s list has been on the Midas 100 for seven years running and 72% have been on the list for the last three years. Over the past five years, the Midas 100 has been made up of 48% the same people. It seems once you’re on the list, you’ve got a good chance of appearing the following year, and in subsequent years after that.

Midas List – 2017 Consecutive Appearances


3 Years Running


5 Years Running


7 Years Running

i.e., 3 years running = 2015, 2016, 2017

Location matters, too. For the 30% of VCs that have been on the list for seven years, the ‘Mightiest of the Midas,’ 100% of them are based in the United States and just over 83% are in California. The remaining ~16% percent is divided amongst New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

The Mightiest Midas list isn’t just concentrated on one geographic area, either. Things get more interesting when you look at their education or investment history. For example, the majority of the list attended the same three universities, with 26% attending Harvard, 20% attending MIT, and a staggering 40% attending Stanford (note that some of these VCs have qualifications from more than one of the aforementioned institutions).

As far as investments go, there are lots of commonalities, but one sticks out: more than 25% of those on the list for seven years running invested in or were a board member at Twitter.

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Percent Men

Mighty Thirty

Jim GoetzSequoia Capital583071111
Chris SaccaLowercase Capital82552112332
Peter FentonBenchmark Capital4563243
Doug LeoneSequoia Capital111846699
Jim BreyerBreyer Capital1115131110
Peter ThielFounders Fund7834121012
Paul MaderaMeritech Capital Partners30711971214
Yuri MilnerDigital Sky Technologies25293535201715
Neeraj AgrawalBattery Ventures51362737582517
Mike MaplesFLOODGATE17322514141920
Sameer GandhiAccel Partners81334441371323
Scott SandellNew Enterprise Associates514810111424
Marc AndreessenAndreessen Horowitz10222191527
John DoerrKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers14122623302229
Josh KopelmanFirst Round Capital18612114635
Aneel BhusriGreylock Partners15251417173437
David SzeGreylock Partners941016273138
David WeidenKhosla Ventures73563968687438
Fred WilsonUnion Square Ventures12201615182942
Ron ConwaySV Angel13154165407043
Rich WongAccel Partners88838624664253
Jeremy LevineBessemer Venture Partners2010919282354
Danny RimerIndex Ventures59393485332456
Bryan RobertsVenrock16387561544858
Todd ChaffeeInstitutional Venture Partners28112318313961
George ZacharyCharles River Ventures48314040725162
Bijan SabetSpark Capital99575132596689
Ted SchleinKleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers85713762998090
Michael MoritzSequoia Capital2131313162894
Reid HoffmanGreylock Partners, LinkedIn3357341896

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