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Accompany: Delivering rich, real-time intel on every person you’ll encounter at work


VC: Susan Lyne at BBG ventures

Relationship: No relation. VC just thinks it’s cool.

Funding: $40.6 million

What it does: Accompany, founded by former leader of Google Analytics Amy Chang, scours public info and compiles profiles on over 300 million people. It then uses AI to give you info on who’s most important to you at that moment.

Why it’s hot: “I’m obsessed with Accompany. It has totally changed my workday by delivering rich, real-time intel on every person I’ll see that day,” says Lyne. “I no longer spend cab rides madly googling the person I’m about to meet! I WISH I was an investor, but I’m relegated to superfan.”


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Accompany creates AI-driven products for finding new prospects and strengthening your relationships, built on the largest database of senior decision makers in the world. Relationship Manager provides professionals with constant, contextual insight into the relationships that are important to them, while Prospector generates curated recommendations for high-potential prospects.



Accompany grew out of the simple idea – your network is your single most powerful and proprietary asset for the duration of your career. Yet there is currently no service out there that helps you manage it with depth, strengthen it with relevant context, and benefit daily from its full potential. So we decided to build it & call it ‘Accompany’ since we accompany you everywhere.



Accompany is headquartered in Los Altos and backed by CRV, ICONIQ, Ignition PartnersCowboy Ventures.


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