Always be in the know.

“My day used to start by checking my email. Now I start with Accompany. I look up all the people I’m meeting and read all of their company news. I haven’t gone into a single meeting without checking Accompany in the last 90 days.”

Kevin Compton, Co-founder and Parter at Radar Partners

Accompany searches billions of pages for mentions of your contacts and their companies so you’ll always be the first to hear about that board appointment or the latest acquisition. Know when to reach out and say congratulations, or when to tactfully those negative headlines.

Never be out of the loop.

Set up alerts for your important contacts and companies. Accompany sends the news right to your phone, as it happens.

Follow companies you care about.

Whether they’re a competitor, or the biggest player in a new market your company is exploring, you’ll get an update every time they’re in the headlines.

Reconnect when it matters.

From old colleagues to new acquaintances, you’ll never miss their big interview in the Financial Times or a quote from them in an obscure industry publication.