Radical Candor Podcast Episode 15: What’s Your Body Language Telling Me?

This episode Kim and Russ talk about what you can learn from body language at work. They are joined by Amy Chang, CEO of Accompany, who tells a great story about receiving nonverbal feedback from an employee. During a conversation, Amy sees the employee’s face flush and learns that she’s making a mistake.

Recent Accompany Tweets

Accompany (accompany.com) is a relationship intelligence platform for professionals that was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Los Altos, California. Available on mobile and the Web, Accompany’s intelligent, adaptive chief of staff app serves professionals everything they need to know about the important people in their network, anytime they need it. Accompany is funded by ICONIQ Capital, CRV and Cowboy Ventures and led by Amy Chang, Matthias Ruhl, and Ryan McDonough.