Your 24/7 relationship manager.

Wish you had someone working through the night, constantly looking out for you, searching for information to make your days run more smoothly? Accompany delivers all your people and company research right to you so you can be ready for anything.
"Accompany is invaluable. It's become the one app on my phone I can't live without."
Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco
“Accompany is my favorite news digest - it's the best source for the news that matters to me.”
Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO at TaskRabbit, Board Member at Nordstrom

What is Accompany?


Make it personal.

Never miss an opportunity to reach out with timely notes that show your contacts you care. Our real time news feeds ensure you’re always in the know when it counts.


Put a face to the name in one tap.

With profiles for over 250 million people and the largest database of senior decision makers in the world, you can rest assured you’ll always be able to get up to speed fast.


Any data point, for any company. One tap.

Wish you had a horde of research analysts at your beck and call, waiting to serve you the latest insights on the companies that pique your interest? Financials, quarterly reports, and SEC filings are never more than a tap away.


Rich insights on your contacts right inside Gmail.

Are you drowning in email? The least we can do is throw you a life jacket. Let us help you figure out which emails even warrant a reply by showing you who those people are.



Meeting prep, delegated.

Anytime we detect someone new in your calendar, you'll get an Executive Briefing delivered right to your inbox while you sleep. Everything you need to get up to speed, including professional history, relevant news, and key info on their company, is at your fingertips.

Who else uses Accompany?

Shane Mac
CEO at Assist

Well @accompany just made it to my bottom bar. So many details done so well. pic.twitter.com/lE22QaMpN3

Hilarie Koplow-McAdams
President and Chief Revenue Officer at New Relic

“The first time I used Accompany I was so energized. I thought, 'Where have you been all my life?' If I couldn't use Accompany tomorrow I would be so upset. It's my go-to application with my first cup of coffee.”

Jana Messerschmidt
Founding Partner at #Angels

@accompany @gmail add-on is awesome. Reminds me of the old days of Rapportive but way better. https://t.co/XAuYi9vcs8

Doug Merritt
CEO at Splunk

“I take lots of meetings and the time to prep for each one is significant. Accompany puts all of the research in one place so I don't spend 20 minutes Googling and trying to thread together old emails. It’s one of the few apps that gives me back time.”

Luba Lesiva
Financial Analyst at Palantir

Set up @accompany a week ago. It's already becoming the centre of my work life. Amazing product!

Nora Denzel
Board Member at AMD

“My days are typically filled with back to back meetings. I don't always remember who I am meeting with and why. In the past, I'd ask my overworked secretary to pull profiles on those I am meeting but now I can delegate that task to Accompany.”

Brianne Kimmel
Marketing Strategy at Zendesk

Just received my first @accompany briefing... a-mazing 🙌🏻

Charles Hudson
Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures

“Accompany has become an essential part of my daily routine. It's my go-to system for keeping track of my network and I can't imagine life without it.”

Sahara Alexis
Global Head of Mobility Solutions at Brillio

Absolutely love @accompany @_amychang!!! Totally changing my life and mindset!!! Join me!

Jen Grant
CMO at Looker

“I love that I can immediately see what people from my entire career are doing via the newsfeed. I’ve started reaching out to people I haven’t talked to in a while to say, which of course, got me better networking with all of these old connections that I had.”

Adam Besvinick
Principal at Deep Fork Capital

The @accompany Gmail plug-in is 💰💰💰 — like Rapportive on steroids

Aileen Lee
Founder and Partner at Cowboy Ventures

Recently, I had to be up at 5am to make my first appointment. When I woke up, I had an email from Accompany with all the information I needed for my meeting. I clicked through and refreshed myself in five minutes.

AJ Agrawal
Growth Marketer at WB21

@accompany is the best app I've used this year so far!

Maynard Webb
Board Member at Visa

“Accompany’s Executive Briefings get me up to speed on what’s important to someone before the meeting starts. Because I have that context, we're on the same page from the word ‘go’ and can make the time together really count.”

Tim Dempsey
Managing Partner at Epiphany Capital

Played about with @accompany for a few of days. Nice app. Def superpowered my news stream.


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