Meet your intelligent, adaptive chief of staff.

You know that person that whispers in a president’s ear right before the handshake? That’s us, for you.

Always with you.

With Accompany, you’ll walk in remembering the email you exchanged a year ago, the daughter that just started seventh grade, and the big speech they gave last week. We scour the entire web, pull together all the info you need, and deliver it to you in one, single tap.

Prepare and conquer.

For every meeting, we'll put a face and a briefing to each name on the invite list. Our algorithm organizes attendees in order of importance, so you'll know the most critical people before you walk through the door.


What’s what about who’s who.

Tap on anyone's face for instant access to your shared email history as well as a thorough account of their latest tweets, news articles, and speaking engagements. Being prepared doesn’t mean waking up early or skipping the gym to do research.


Millions of companies in your pocket.

Always be armed with the details, whether their company just made an acquisition, or had a blockbuster quarter. Get interactive financials, funding history, SEC filings, notable board members, people you know who work there, and relevant news coverage. Never be caught flat-footed again.


What matters when it matters.

Custom, real-time news and Twitter feeds dedicated to your contacts and their companies. No cat videos and no ads – just opportunities to be the first to know and the first to capitalize on the information.


Your security is our priority.

In order to be your chief of staff we ask for some pretty sensitive data from you. We don't make this request lightly and we work hard to keep all of your data safe and secure.


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