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Hours of research distilled down into a handy briefing and delivered to your inbox. Get up to speed in two minutes flat.
CTO at 21st Century Fox
"Accompany has fast become one of the most important apps on my phone and a key source of information in my inbox. It provides unique and indispensable insight throughout the day and it's where I now manage my professional network."

Always make a great impression.

Whether it’s a first-time meeting or the first meeting in a year, we’ll get you prepped so you don’t burn time researching prior positions or digging around in your inbox for old emails. You’ll get an Executive Briefing the night before to remind you about the email exchange you had last month, the daughter that just graduated from college, and all of their company’s financials. We’ll get you everything you need to impress, every time.

Effortless meeting prep.

Anytime we detect someone new in your calendar, you’ll get an Executive Briefing with their professional history, latest posts on social, and key info on their company ahead of your meeting. Everything you need to get up to speed is delivered right to your inbox while you sleep.


Put a face to the name in one tap.

When you have multiple meetings every day, you need more than a name, a time, and a location. Tap on any face or company logo to get up to speed before you walk in the door. Full employment and education history for the people you’re meeting and interactive financial charts and news updates on the companies you’re visiting.


Never drop the ball.

We’ll tell you which emails need immediate attention. Everything you need to know about the sender, including how prominent they are inside and outside your network, is right next to their message.


Never be caught flat-footed again.

Always be armed with the details, whether their company just made an acquisition, or had a blockbuster quarter. Get interactive financials, funding history, SEC filings, notable board members, people you know who work there, and relevant news coverage.


Always be the first to know.

Custom, real-time news and Twitter feeds are dedicated to your contacts and their companies. No cat videos and no ads – just opportunities to be the first to know and the first to capitalize on the information.


Hear what these executives have been saying about using Accompany.

"Accompany’s Executive Briefings get me up to speed on what’s important to someone before the meeting starts. Because I have that context, we're on the same page from the word ‘go’ and can make the time together really count."

Maynard Webb
Board Member at Visa

"Recently, I went to a meeting with ten people I’d never met before. That usually means a lot of research, but because they were in my Accompany calendar, I was able to learn about them all minutes before the meeting."

Aileen Lee
Founder and Partner at Cowboy Ventures

"A big part of my day is meetings and I want to be the most informed guy in the room. My day used to start with email, things like that. Now I start each day with Accompany, looking at my schedule, my contacts, and I end up much better prepared."

Kevin Compton
Co-Founder at Radar Partners

"I was prepping for a Hubspot board meeting and saw on Accompany that they had recently won Fortune’s ‘Best Small & Medium Workplace’ award. I walked in I said, “Hey guys, congratulations! This is a big deal!” and I looked like a rock star."

Lorrie Norrington
Board Member at Colgate-Palmolive

"Recently, I had to be up at 5am to make my first appointment. When I woke up, I had an email from Accompany with all the information I needed for my meeting. I clicked through and refreshed myself in five minutes."

Irene Chang Britt
Board Director at Dunkin Brands

"The first time I used Accompany I was so energized. I thought, 'Where have you been all my life?' If I couldn't use Accompany tomorrow I would be so upset. It's my go-to application with my first cup of coffee."

Hilarie Koplow-McAdams
President and Chief Revenue Officer at New Relic

"Accompany has become an essential part of my daily routine It's my go-to system for keeping track of my network and I can't imagine life without it."

Charles Hudson
Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures

"It's like having a rolling history on all the people I know whenever I need it, except it knows more than I could ever find out myself."

Stephen Yap
Director of Sales at Google

"My days are typically filled with back to back meetings. I don't always remember who I am meeting with and why. In the past, I'd ask my overworked secretary to pull profiles on those I am meeting but now I can delegate that task to Accompany."

Nora Denzel
Board Director at AMD

"I recently got a new iPhone and hadn't installed Accompany yet. I found I just couldn't use that iPhone... so totally unusable to me until I got the Accompany app installed."

Godfrey Sullivan
Chairman at Splunk

"I love that I can immediately see what people from my entire career are doing via the newsfeed. I’ve started reaching out to people I haven’t talked to in a while to say, which of course, got me better networking with all of these old connections that I had."

Jen Grant
CMO at Looker

"I was meeting with this pretty high-profile person from Hollywood and I don’t know Hollywood. I took out my phone, looked in Accompany, and suddenly I was totally ready. I could say “Hi, nice to meet you. So exciting you just made this acquisition."

Lexi Reese
Chief Customer Experience Officer at Gusto

"I made a connection with someone new and was trying to think of a way to get in touch. The next week, an article about him popped up on Accompany, so I sent it to him with a personal message. BOOM! He got back to me ten minutes later."

Leslie Blodgett
Former CEO and Creator of bareMinerals

"I take lots of meetings and the time to prep for each one is significant. Accompany puts all of the research in one place so I don't spend 20 minutes Googling and trying to thread together old emails. It’s one of the few apps that gives me back time."

Doug Merritt
CEO at Splunk

"Accompany makes every one of my meetings effective and makes me look that much smarter."

Mark Garrett
Chief Financial Officer at Adobe

"It's a really great thing when you find a new product and you didn't know you needed it and then you're addicted to it."

April Underwood
Vice President of Product at Slack

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