The largest database of senior decision makers in the world.

While only 54% of Fortune 500 CEOs have LinkedIn profiles, Accompany has comprehensive, real-time profiles for every single one. Our AI-driven database provides rich, relevant insights so you can always find the right prospects and build stronger relationships.
“Accompany is invaluable. It's become the one app I can't live without.”
Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco

Accompany Capabilities

Gain a competitive edge with insights you’ve never seen before.

Comprehensive, at-a-glance org maps are layered with proprietary insights, allowing you to quickly pinpoint important clients or prospects, competitive affiliations, rising stars, super-connectors and more within the client organization.

E.g. Who are the superconnectors in this prospect's org who have shown more openness/propensity toward external tooling and ideas.

Discover prospects you can’t find anywhere else.

Accompany filters through billions of data points to help you identify and connect with the exact people you’re looking for, uncovering high-potential targets that others miss.

E.g. Find executives in Chicago, who are female, who have expressed an interest in socially-conscious investing or retirement planning.

Make it personal and keep those relationships tight.

Never miss an opportunity to reach out with real-time news, insights, and executive briefings on the people and companies in your network. Unlock effortless, one touch relationship management.

E.g. As soon as your client joins that new board, we send you a notification so you can be the first to say congrats.

Powered by a proprietary AI-driven data platform.

Accompany is built on a proprietary data platform that scours billions of pages on the web and uses intelligence and machine learning to create the richest, most real-time profiles in the world for hundreds of millions of people and tens of millions of companies.


An automated, scaled ingestion platform

Accompany’s database contains profiles on hundreds of millions of people and tens of millions of companies. These profiles have been constructed with automated parsing and intelligence from billions of sources so that the platform can scale with minimal need for human intervention. The goal is to deliver a rich, objective profile on the Mike Johnson you’re meeting tomorrow and filter out information on the 16,481 Mike Johnson’s you don’t know.


Proprietary algorithms that personalize the data for you

Our technology analyzes your calendar, contacts, and communication patterns to determine how important each of your contacts is to you. We track familiarity and overall prominence within your network, as well as in the outside world to serve insights only on the people you care about. The system is constantly learning, keeping an eye out for people and companies that are increasing in importance to you.


Anomaly detection flags key updates that matter

Accompany watches for anomalies in the news, intelligently separating the big events from the small ones to keep you informed without the noise. You probably don’t need a notification every time Elon Musk’s name is mentioned in the news, but a sudden burst of coverage on the CEO of the startup you advise? That’s something to write home about.

“Building an app that operates off of third-party APIs is easy. Building a standalone data platform takes years and the team at Accompany is way ahead of the game. They’ve put in the time and talent to build an intelligent data platform that can operate independently from any other service—it’s really distinctive.”
Aileen Lee, Founder and Partner at Cowboy Ventures

Who's talking about Accompany:

Hilarie Koplow-McAdams
Board Member at Zendesk, Board Member at Tableau
“The first time I used Accompany I was so energized. I thought, 'Where have you been all my life?' If I couldn't use Accompany tomorrow I would be so upset. It's my go-to application with my first cup of coffee.”
Paul Cheesbrough
CTO at 21st Century Fox
“Accompany has fast become one of the most important, intelligent apps on my phone and a key source of information in my inbox. It provides me with unique and indispensable insight throughout the day and it's also a place where I now store and manage my professional network.”
Meagen Eisenberg
CMO at MongoDB
“I’ve already seen the impact on my career in the last year. Accompany is definitely saving me time but it’s also helping me build relationships.”

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