What matters when it matters

Your Accompany news and social feed is prioritized and updated to show you the people and companies that matter most to you.


We use your interaction and communication data to bring you stories on who and what is most important to you.


Tweet and retweet, post to Facebook, and email contacts via posts that appear in the newsfeed without leaving the app. Accompany serves up serendipitous opportunities for reconnecting with your contacts.

“I made a connection with someone new and was trying to think of a way to get back in touch, without being that person. The next week, an article about him popped up in my Accompany newsfeed, so I sent it to him with a personal message. BOOM! He got back to me ten minutes later...Nailed it.”

Former CEO and Creator of bareMinerals


Create a watchlist of your most important contacts and we'll alert you to their news the moment it happens.

“What I love about the news feed is that I can immediately see what people from my entire career are doing. All of a sudden, I started reaching out to people I hadn’t talked to in a while to say, “Hey, I saw this article. Great job, your company is doing super well!” Which of course got me better networking with all of these old connections that I had.”

Chief Marketing Officer at Looker