Intel on everyone in your inbox.


"This is an amazingly well-designed and high performance plugin. I was a longtime Rapportive user and as that product sunset, bounced among multiple other contact manager extensions until I found Accompany. Now I've uninstalled all the others and rock this one."

Hunter Walk, Partner at Homebrew VC

Accompany for Gmail helps you figure out who's in your inbox, so you have all the information you need to craft the perfect reply. What they do, where they work, and all your notes from past conversations are right next to their message. Just hit reply.

Put a face to every name.

Photos, professional history, and key facts about their company. Roll over anyone on the thread to learn more. No more mysterious strangers hiding on the CC'd list or surprise responses from someone you didn't realize was reading.

Get the latest on their company.

Understand their company and get some context before hitting reply. Recent earnings, big product launches, changes in leadership—all the facts you need to impress at your fingertips.

Remember what's important.

People drop all kinds of details over email—an upcoming project, news of an exciting trip. Take note of the important stuff and we'll remind you to ask about it (or not ask about it) next time they drop you a line.