Accompany Is Now the Rickest Database of Senior Decision Makers in the World

Not just profiles. Profiles that matter.

Since launching our beta last year we’ve continued to increase the quality and quantity of profiles in our database, and are pleased to announce that Accompany now boasts the richest database of senior decision makers in the world.

We compared our coverage of Fortune 500 CEOs with LinkedIn and found that only 29% of these CEOs have current and complete LinkedIn profiles. Only 54% have a profile at all.

The Accompany database not only contains more profiles for these CEOs, it also provides significantly more data points—including bios, social updates, news activity, and professional summaries—that are continuously refreshed in real-time.

In addition to rich coverage for top executives, the Accompany database contains profiles for over 200 million people and more than 20 million companies. As we comb the web for new information 24/7 our database will continue to grow without limits, while LinkedIn and others are limited to the information provided by their users.

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