The largest database of senior decision makers in the world.
Accompany continuously scours the web for information and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create profiles for 250+ million people and 20+ million companies. LinkedIn relies on its users for data, resulting in many profiles being sparse or outdated.
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Not just lots of profiles. Profiles that matter.

Accompany has the largest and most complete database of senior decision makers in the world. We compared our coverage of Fortune 500 CEOs with LinkedIn and found that 71% don't have current and complete LinkedIn profiles, and 46% don't have a profile at all.


of Fortune 500 CEO profiles

As Accompany combs the web for new information 24/7 using AI and machine learning, the quantity and quality of profiles in our database will continue to grow without limits. Because LinkedIn relies on their members for data, their profiles can never exceed their number of active users.

Accompany's profiles provide significantly more data points that are continuously refreshed real-time. Our profiles are built by scouring billions of pages on the web and aggregating all of the information in one place—from the latest news on the person, to all their public bios, to their social feeds. That's the power of our data platform.

“Your network is your most valuable asset and Accompany's superior data platform brings it to life, giving you insights and context on any person or company in real time. I won't go a day without it.”
Anita Sands, Board Member at Symantec, ServiceNow, and Pure Storage

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