We're re-engineering the way people connect.

Everyone here at Accompany is essential. We’re a small yet mighty group of high-achieving engineers, product gurus, customer champions and world-class designers—all working together to build a better way to connect. Our office is a whirlwind of brainstorms, collaboration, and just plain execution, fueled by some of the best food and drinks the Bay has to offer. (Our CTO has excellent taste.)


Our Values

No assholes.

If you are one, even a really smart one, don’t bother. We can sense you a mile away.

True empathy and passion for the user.

Users are the reason why we get up, go to work and drink so much coffee. We never forget it for a minute.

Move fast, fix fast.

We're building a rocketship.
Be the fuel.

Take genuinely good care of each other.

Everyone on Team Accompany is essential. Every. Single. Person.

Take responsibility — it's your company.

Make us better. Push us harder. Tell us what we're doing right and, better yet, what we're doing wrong.


Amy Chang - CEO

Amy Chang is founder/CEO of Accompany, an intelligent, adaptive virtual chief of staff product. She sits on the boards of Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) and Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), and served on the board of Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) from 2015-2017, Informatica from 2012-2015, when it was taken private for $5.1B, and on Target's (NYSE: TGT) Digital Advisory Council from 2013-2016. Prior to Accompany, Amy led Google Analytics for seven years, growing coverage from 1% to over 70% of the web. Early in her career, she ran product for paid search and affiliates at eBay and worked as a consultant at McKinsey. She is an advisor to Hubspot, Optimizely, ClearSlide, BloomReach, Origami Logic and Datorama. Amy was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.

Matthias Ruhl - CTO

A nine-year Google veteran, Matthias is a large-scale systems design expert who helped push the Google Analytics backend beyond 900,000 requests per second. Matthias holds numerous big data patents and has been published in dozens of technical journals. He was the World Champion for his year of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and continues to judge it every year. Matthias holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT.

Ryan McDonough - CFO

Ryan co-founded Accompany and serves as CFO. He was previously CFO at Ning, where he shepherded the business from a freemium model to focusing exclusively on its subscription business, increasing the paid user base by 5x. The turnaround resulted in Ning’s acquisition by Mode Media. Prior to that, he was a partner at early stage fund Constantin Ventures and an engagement manager at McKinsey. He holds an MBA from Wharton and BA from UC Berkeley.

Evonne Johnson - Head of Product

Prior to Accompany, Evonne was Director of Acquisitions at RPX, patent intelligence & risk management firm, from startup through IPO. Evonne was also an investment associate at Charles River Ventures where she focused on early stage SAAS, mobile, adtech & robotics/drone investments. She holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.

Tanya Khakbaz - Head of Product Marketing and Growth

Prior to Accompany, Tanya was Director of Product Marketing at Square, where she commercialized new software and hardware products, built the Insights team, and led international expansion. Before Square, Tanya was Associate Strategy Director at frog design, leading teams of designers, business people, and technologists to develop new products and services for Fortune 100 clients. Tanya started her career as a consultant at McKinsey. She holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard University and a BA with distinction from Stanford University.


Byron Milligan

Software Engineer

Stanford - BSCS
Founder of Stypi (Y Combinator)
acquired by Salesforce

Chris Leonavicius

Software Engineer

Carnegie Mellon - BSCS
Previously at Ooyala

Cliff Crosland

Software Engineer

Stanford - BSCS
Founder of Seed Equity

Laura Griffiths

Software Engineer

Stanford - BS Math/Computational Science, Psychology & MSCS
Previously at Bitly, Google, McKinsey & StartX

Richard Hsu

Software Engineer

UC Berkeley - BS EECS &
Stanford - MSCS
Previously at LinkedIn

RJ Walsh

Software Engineer

Stanford - BSCS & MSCS
CS198/106 coordinator
Founder of Zanbato & StackMap

Steven Wu

Software Engineer

Stanford - BSCS
Founder of Predictive Edge
acquired by Dropbox

Akshay Joshi

Software Engineer

Waterloo - ECE
Previously at Stripe, Amazon, and SugarCRM


Julia Ra


Leslie Engler


Nirav Mehta

Product Manager


Andrew Kim

Business Operations Manager

Alex LeBeouf

Program Manager

Alexandra Cortes

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Kacy Kizer

Community Manager


Aaron Ilika

Portland Office Manager

Drew Garcia

Customer Advocate

Orlando Chavez

Customer Advocate

Raquel Silva

Customer Advocacy Manager

Scherezad Yusef

Operations Manager


Alanna Hoyman-Browe

Data Quality Curator

Blake Rosenthal

Data Quality Specialist

Can Akcevin

Data Engineer

Emily Brown

Data Quality Specialist

Johnny Sand

Data Quality Specialist

Madelyn Villano

Research Analyst

Michael Sabol

Data Quality Specialist

Rosemary Dorman

Data Quality Analyst



Devdutt Yellurkar - Board Member, Accompany

General Partner at CRV, where he pioneered the firm's next gen SaaS investments (e.g. Zendesk & OneLogin). Prior to CRV, founder and CEO of Yantra (acquired by AT&T's division, Sterling Commerce). Joined Infosys at $1M in sales through being a public company.

Nick Sturiale - Managing Partner, Ignition Partners

Prior to Ignition, Nick led investments at Icon/JAFCO Ventures and Seven Rosen Funds. Nick’s investments include VuClip (PCCW), XenSource (acq CTXS), Splunk (SPLK) and Reputation.com. Founding CEO of Timbre Technologies.

Aileen Lee - Founder & Managing Partner, Cowboy Ventures

Prior to founding Cowboy, Aileen joined Kleiner Perkins in 1999. At KPCB, Her companies included Bloom Energy, Good Technology, One Kings Lane, Tellme, and many other unicorn club startups. Founding CEO of RMG Networks.

Will Griffith - Partner, ICONIQ

Will Griffith joined ICONIQ Capital in 2013 as a Partner. Prior to ICONIQ, Will spent over a decade with Technology Crossover Ventures. He is an investor in many companies, including Flipkart, Uber and Alibaba.

Lorrie Norrington - Board Member, Colgate-Palmolive

Former President of eBay Marketplaces, where she led 39 eBay countries. Lorrie was the CEO of Shopping.com prior to the sale to eBay. Previously, she led Quicken & Intuit brands, and spent 20 years with GE. Board of Directors at Autodesk, DirecTV and Hubspot.

Dave Goldberg - Late CEO of SurveyMonkey
(In Memoriam)

In memoriam to honor one of the greatest product minds and human beings we have ever known.

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